Adjusted Schedule

Dear Pie Fans,

In an effort to assist in stopping the spread of Covid-19, we have temporarily adjusted our operations. Please check out our Bake Box options, available on select dates. We look forward to resuming regular operations when it is safe to do so. 


The Jenny Bee's Team


Our pies

Jenny Bee's pies are baked from scratch with fresh ingredients and no preservatives. Whether it's pitting cherries in the summer, squeezing lemons in the spring, or cleaning cranberries in the fall, every pie is a handmade labor of love.

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"Phenomenal, amazing, light flaky amazing pies, the absolute best pie I’ve ever had. A must have, one bite and you’re hooked."

- Chef Anthony Rubeo

"Jennifer Simon is, indeed, the pie whisperer."

- Kristin Wolfe, Food Writer

"Eating the first date pie. All first dates should be this good. "

- Kendra

"Fresh, high-end ingredients. Definitely upscale!"

- Jackie

"Once again, delish! I had one tart for breakfast and one for lunch. Yum yum!"

- Nancy


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